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Sa'id bin Salim Na'um (Said Naum)

Sa'id bin Salim Na'um (Said Naum)
Born: _
Roots: Hadhramaut, Yaman
A wealthy merchant - owned many trade ships

Migrated to Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia) and lived at 2 places:
   1. Palembang
   2. Batavia

(i) Lived in Palembang, Dutch East Indies in the 19th century
     Wife: Zainah bt Ubayd - 1 son Muhammad (died) + 3 daughters:
         1. Syekhah m. Sheikh Salim bin Umar Bahfen - had issues
         2. Ruqayyah m. Sheikh Abdullah bin Said Basalamah - had issues
         3. Nur m. Sheikh Said bin Ahmad Jawwas - had issues

(ii) Moved to Pekojan, Batavia
  • A landlord in Batavia - bought a large piece of land at Tanah Tinggi, Pekojan 
  • Built Masjid Tanah Tinggi in November 1833 M (Rejab 1249 H)
  • In 1844, he donated 5.5 acres land as cemetery in Tanah Abang, Batavia 
  • A philantropist - renowned for charities and endowment of large tracts of land for schools, cemetery at Tanah Abang
  • Popular among Arab Indonesians. The Dutch East Indies Govt appointed him as the First Captain of the Arabs in Batavia in mid-19thC

     Remarried in Batavia
     Wife: Nur bt Muhammad Audhah - had a daughter
          1. Muznah m. Ali bin Abubakar bin Umar Shahab
                 (he was a Wulayti from Dammun, near Tarim, Hadhramaut) - 3 sons:
                 a. Abubakar - co-founder and first principal of Jamiat Kheir (school).
                     His name was re-styled Habib Abubakar bin Ali Shahab
                 b. Muhammad
                 c. Sidah

In old age, his business was taken over by his sil Sheikh Abdullah bin Said Basalamah (Ruqayyah's husband)

Deceased: __ (1844?)
Buried near the grave of Sheikh Salim bin Abdullah bin Sumair (deceased 1855 M/1271 H).
All graves were relocated to Karet.
School built instead and named after him.

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