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Al-Yamani in Malacca and Penang

Clan name: none specific.

Bapak said that the Arab clans have mostly intermarried. As such all the Syeds are related by intermarriage. Please refer to the chart on Syed names.

Source: http://banialawi.com/v1/

Geographical honorific: Al-Yamani

Al Yamani refers to the origin of people from Yemen (negara Yaman) in the Arabian Peninsula.

Yaman is a country at the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula. It was 2 divided countries before 1990 - North Yemen on the left half and South Yemen on the right half. Yemen was unified in 1990, with the capital at Sana'a.

Bapak's Syed relatives in Singapore pointed out that they still had relatives in Indonesia who returned to Sayhun and passed away in Sayhun, a city in Hadramaut, Southern Yemen - now just Yemen.

I have not heard of Bapak's relatives using Al Sayhun as their name suffix. The ones that Bapak mentioned were Alattas, Alhabshi, Alaidid, Alhadi and maybe a few more which I cannot recall off-hand.

Many of Bapak's relatives chose to use the geographical honorific Al Yamani or Alyamani as suffix in their names.

Bapak said that just mentioning Al Yamani is sufficient to recognise clan members of the original Yemeni people here in Malaysia.

Map of Yemen
(Peta negara Yaman)

From Bapak in 2007:

Bapak mentioned that there is Makam Shahbuddin Al-Yamani in the graveyard of Masjid Tengkera, Malacca. He is an Indian from Tranquera (orang India Tengkera) and has relatives in Singapore.


There are Klang relatives who are related to the Penang relatives, who also used Alyamani in their names.


Date: Wednesday, 5 June 2013
Time: 9:56 am - 11 am

I visited and interviewed Nenek Umi Kalthom bt Mohd Yunos @ Wan Teh (80) at her home in Kg Melayu Batu Uban, Penang on 5 June 2013. Her husband, son and daughter joined in at different times.

Nenek Kalthom also mentioned Hawa Alyamani, who is related to Ami Aziz.


Ami Aziz also uses the suffix Alyamani. His name is therefore Abdul Aziz bin Sheikh Mohamed Al Yamani.


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