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Descendants of Patma & Ami Aziz

From Siti Salamah, Sharifah Alwiah Syed Sahil and Sharifah Mariam bt Syed Alwi, 7 Nov 2011:

The link for the Malacca Arabs to Penang Arabs is via Ami Aziz. Ami Aziz is the younger brother of Patma. Ami Aziz was a man of small stature. Patma could be a Nyonya.
There are 2 men named Aziz in Penang. Ami Aziz was of small built. The other Aziz was a man of big frame. He was a politician. His biodata is in the Penang Free School magazine.
I'm referring to Ami Aziz, the man of small stature, the one who had once owned the European car business in Jalan Anson, Penang, and who married two wives - Siti Rahmah bt Abdul Rashid Makawi and Aishah bt Abdullah (Nenek Jepun).

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From Bapak:

Bapak never mentioned the full name of Patma and Ami Aziz's or their father. I therefore asked Shaik Abdul Aziz Al-Khaiyath - the son of Tok Kalthom in Kg Batu Uban.

Bapa had told me that Patma (Fatimah bt Sheikh Mohamad) was fair like a Chinese (putih macam Cina). Patma's younger brother is Abdul Aziz bin Sheikh Mohamad (Ami Aziz Al-Yamani).

Tok Moyang Hj Mohd Sharif (Haji Mohd Sharif bin Ismail, died early at age 38) married Nenek Moyang Patma @ Fatimah bt Sheikh Mohamad, and they have 5 children.
  1. Mohd Yusope @ Walid (Bapak's father) - Mohd Yusope is my paternal grandfather
  2. Amnah - married to HABHAL in Singapore (kicap HABHAL business)
  3. Mahani @ Nenek Ani - guru Quran (never married)
  4. Asiah @ Nenek Yah - married a mamak businessman in Tampin. She also taught Quran with Nenek Ani.
  5. Alijah @ Nenek Jah  - never married

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From Abang Sharif, 25 April 2012: 

When Tok Moyang Hj Mohd Sharif died, Tok Moyang Zainal took Tok Yusope and Nek Jah (actual name is Khalijah/Halijah) under his arm whilst Tok Moyang Nordin took care of Mahani, Amnah & Asiah.

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From me, 28 April 2012:

When Tok Moyang Hj Mohd Sharif died, his 2 brothers took care of his children. Tok Moyang Zainal (the youngest of 3 brothers) cared for Tok Yusope (Walid) and Nenek Alijah (Nek Jah) while Tok Moyang Hj Nordin (middle brother) cared for the 3 older girls - Nenek Amnah, Nenek Mahani (Nek Ani) and Nenek Asiah (Nek Yah).

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Mohd Yusope bin Hj Mohd Sharif (Walid) married Aishah bt Mohd Amin (Nenek Inchek of Kg Baru, KL). They have 15 children. Names of their children are (as ordered by Bapak):
  1. Ainon (Mak Ainon)
  2. Zainah (Makcik Nah, Che Nah)
  3. Sarah (Mak Sarah)
  4. Jami'ah (Mak Nya) @ Rahmah
  5. Ramlah (Mak Lah)
  6. Abu Bakar (Pak Baka, Pak Bakau, Pak Kau)
  7. Abdul Rashid (Bapak, my father)
  8. Jaafar (Pakcik Pau, Pak Pau)
  9. Safura (Bik Wa)
  10. Che Bedah (Mak Bedah, Bedah)
  11. Baharudin (Badin, Pak Din)
  12. Saleh (Pak Saleh)
  13. Che Sekma (Mak Sekma)
  14. Idris (died as infant)
  15. Shamsul'ain (died as infant)

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From me:

Abdul Aziz bin Sheikh Mohamad (Ami Aziz Al-Yamani) married and lived in Penang, in a small Malay wooden house by the sea at Jelutong Beach.

However, there was another place I met Ami Aziz, during Hari Raya Aidilfitri - at a shophouse where Nenek Jepun lived - at Hutton Lane? Did Ami Aziz marry 2 ladies? Yes, he married Nenek Jepun later, but did not have any children. She had previously married a policeman. They adopted a Chinese girl as their daughter (Mazlifah Aziz). Both Nenek Jepun and her adopted daughter often returned to Japan.

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From Tok Chu in Air Itam, Penang (27 May 2012):

The British gave Ami Aziz a European car business and also a house. This house is a big double-storey bungalow behind Masjid Jalan Hatin (there is a small road at the side of the mosque that leads to his house).

Tok Chu is Mohd Nor Merican, the father of Datuk Prof Dr Ahmad Merican.

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From me:

Ami Aziz's brick house is a bright yellow building. The lane is very narrow. There was a car parked in the shed adjacent to the house.

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Abdul Rashid Mohd Yusope (Bapak) married Jumabee Tulip bt Che Lah (Mak). They have 7 children:

Mohd Sharif (Abang)
Sharifah (Pah)
Faridah (me)
Rabi'ah (Rabi)
Muhd Farid
Muhd Amin

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Level -3
The great great great grandparents of Patma and Abdul Aziz.

Level -2
The great great grandparents of Patma and Abdul Aziz.

Level -1
The great grandparents of Patma and Abdul Aziz.

Level 0
The grandparents of Patma and Abdul Aziz.

Level 1
The parents of Patma and Abdul Aziz (Ami Aziz).

Level 2
Patma is my father's grandmother (Bapak punya nenek) ... Nenek Patma.
Ami Aziz is my father's granduncle (Bapak punya datuk saudara)

Patma Mohamad Al-Yamani is my paternal great-grandmother (nenek moyang sebelah Bapak).
Ami Aziz Al-Yamani is my paternal great granduncle (datuk saudara moyang sebelah Bapak).

Level 3
The children of Ami Aziz & Siti Rahmah Abdul Rashid Makawi (Fatmah, Abdul Latif & Abdul Rashid) are my father's uncles and aunt (bapa saudara & ibu saudara).

They are my paternal granduncles and grandaunt (nenek & datuk saudara sebelah Bapak).

Level 4
The children of Fatmah (Syed Mohamad, Sharifah Mahani, Syed Ali, Syed Mansor, Syed Yussuf & Syed Abdullah) and the children of Abdul Latif (Najib, Nawal & Najwa) are my father's cousins.

They are my paternal aunts and uncles (ibu saudara & bapa saudara sebelah Bapak).

Level 5
The children of Syed Mohamad, Sharifah Mahani, Syed Ali, Syed Mansor, Syed Yussuf & Syed Abdullah and Najib, Nawal & Najwa, are my father's distant nephews & nieces.

They are my distant second cousins (sepupu bau bacang).


From The Early Malay Doctors - Biography of Dr SM Baboo.

Both Mr Abdul Aziz Ibrahim and Dr SM Baboo were in politics in Penang.

The Singapore Free Press on 5 December 1952 reported that Dr SM Baboo (UMNO-Muslim) and Mr Aziz Ibrahim (Radical) were defeated in 1951. Dr Baboo was a private medical practitioner who represented Kelawei Ward. Mr Aziz Ibrahim was a publisher and represented Jelutong.[1]

Mr Aziz Ibrahim's wife was also in politics but she also lost in the 1951 elections.

[1] The Singapore Free Press, 5 December 1952, page 4. Backing, Not Personality, Will Bring in the Votes.

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  1. You must clear up the confusion.

    Aziz Ibrahim (Datuk) and Aziz Yamani (Asia Motors) are TWO DIFFERENT persons. They are NOT identical.

    Aziz Ibrahim's wife is Datin Wanchik S.M. Zainal Abidin.

    Aziz Yamani's wife is Siti Rahmah Makkawi.

    Are you sure Aziz Yamani came from Malacca? He is Arab; why should his sibling have 'Bee' after their name which is an Indian Muslim practice?

    Please clear this up or remove these posts to prevent further confusion.