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Dato' Haji Jelani bin Kupah

Full name: Dato' Haji Jelani bin Kupah (1923-2006)
DOB: 3 May 1923, Merlimau, Malacca
Demise: 18 April 2006, aged 82, Bangsar
Call name: Bapak called him Ami Jelani (he was Bapak's uncle). I called him Tok Jelani (he was my granduncle)
Parents: Kupah Ali and Yah
Sibs: Nanib Kupah (1921-died, elder brother) and Kassim Kupah (deceased, younger brother)
Education: Malacca High School

Jelani bin Kupah in Who's Who in Malaysia 1963
He held various jobs as follows:

  1. Police Officer in Singapore.
  2. Pre-War Vehicle Inspector in the Registrar of Vehicles' Office in Singapore.
  3. Registrar and Inspector of Motor Vehicles in Kelantan, Terengganu and Malacca.
  4. Senior Registrar and Inspector of Motor Vehicles in Johor.
  5. Acting Commissioner for Road Transport in the Federation of Malaya since August 1961,
  6. Head of Road Transport Department, Federation of Malaya.
His office then was at the H.Q., Road Transport Dept in Petaling Jaya (PJ).

Datok Jelani was a rich man who lived in Petaling Jaya (PJ). He owned an automatic Ford Fiore. He was a generous man.

He had 2 wives:
1. Cik Gayah bt Awang (1932-1983)
2. a young lady (anak tauke emas dari Kelantan)

He first married Cik Gayah bt Awang and moved to Petaling Jaya (PJ). Cik Gayah was the daughter of Nenek Mon and Hj Awang Daeng Tahir. Nenek Mon is Maimun bt Mat - she had fair complexion like a Chinese (putih macam Cina).

Cik Gayah had 8 children:
1. Abdul Kadir
2. Abdul Latiff
3. Mohd Shariff
4. Ramlah
5. Ariffin
6. Khatijah
7. Abdul Aziz
8. Zaharah

Ramlah bt Dato' Hj Jelani married to Dato' Abdul Karim bin Hussein. They have 4 children:
1. Johanna
2. Melissa
3. Muhammad Azmiy
4. Aminah

From me
I met Nenek Gayah as a child. I called her Nenek Gayah. I ate kuih keria at her house - they were homemade and delicious. It was from this incident that I promised myself to learn how to make kuih keria. There were many people in the kitchen preparing kuih keria.

Geni - Dato' Hj Jelani bin Kupah

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