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Descendants of Mohd Hussain Khaiyath

Before you continue to read, please be informed that girls of Arabic descent have Siti in their names when they are unmarried. However, when these girls get married, their Siti names are automatically changed to Umi names. Thus, Siti A becomes Umi A. Similarly, they are called Siti before marriage, and Umi after marriage. That is Arab name and tradition.

From Siti Salamah bt Sheikh Mohammed, Sharifah Alwiah bt Syed Sahil and Sharifah Mariam bt Syed Alwi:

Mohd Hussain Khaiyath had 2 daughters, Siti Noor and Siti Rogayah.

Siti Rogayah bt Mohd Hussain Khaiyath married to Wan Teh. They have 2 children, Siti Kalsom and Mohd Salleh.

Siti Noor bt Mohd Hussain Khaiyath married to Syed Alwi. They have 2 children, Sharifah Mariam bt Syed Alwi (Prof Syed Mohsin's mother) and Syed Mohd.

Sharifah Mariam bt Syed Alwi married to Syed Sahil Jamalullail. The have 8 children, 4 sons and 4 daughters:
  1. Syed Omar Syed Sahil
  2. Sharifah Zahrah Syed Sahil
  3. Syed Mohsin Syed Sahil (deceased)
  4. Sharifah Sakinah  Syed Sahil
  5. Sharifah Alwiah Syed Sahil
  6. Syed Mohamad Syed Sahil
  7. Syed Haizar Syed Sahil
  8. Sharifah Azizah Syed Sahil


There are initially 3 families which then become interrelated by marriage of their downline members, and which link the Malacca Arabs to the Penang Arabs, via Ami Aziz Al-Yamani.

There are 3 families in Level 1: Mohd Hussain Khaiyath family in Jitra, Kedah; Abdul Rashid Makawi & Siti Seha family in Jelutong, Penang; and the parents of Ami Aziz Al-Yamani & Patma in Tranquera, Malacca.

There are 5 families in Level 2.
There are 9 families in Level 3.
There are 45 persons/families in Level 4.
The members increase in a multiple fashion for each level: 3, 5, 9, 45, etc.
The first 3 levels show odd # sequence but misses a 7.
There is a sudden burst of members in Level 4; a 5-fold increase over Level 3.

Level 1 is early 1800s-late 1800s: Unknown (possibly same lifespan as Level 2).
Level 2 is at the turn of the 20th Century, late 1800s-early 1900s: Ami Aziz & Patma; Mohd Sharif (lived between 1840s-1850s).
Level 3 is 1900s-early 1950s: Nenek Inche & Walid (lived to 60s).
Level 4 is 1930s-late 1990s: Bapak & Mak (lived to 70s).
Level 5 is late 1950s-2020: myself.

Level 1
1. Mohd Hussain Khaiyath
2. Abdul Rashid Makawi-Siti Seha
3. Parents of Ami Aziz Al-Yamani & Patma (unknown)

Level 2
1. Grandmother of Sharifah Mariam Syed Aidid-Syed Alwi
2. Syed Alwi-Siti Noor
3. Siti Rogayah-Wan Teh
4. Siti Rahmah-Ami Aziz
5. Patma-Mohd Sharif (nenek & datuk moyang)

Level 3
1. Syed Aidid-Sh Rahmah Sy Alwi
2. Syed Sahil-Sh Mariam Sy Alwi
3. Syed Mohd Sy Alwi
4. Siti Kalsom Wan Teh
5. Mohd Salleh Wan Teh
6. Fatma Ami Aziz Al-Yamani
7. Abdul Latif Ami Aziz Al-Yamani
8. Abdul Rashid Ami Aziz Al-Yamani
9. Aishah Mohd Amin-Mohd Yusope Mohd Sharif (nenek & datuk)

Level 4
Sh Mariam Sy Aidid
Sh Azizah Sy Aidid
Sh Aminah Sy Aidid
Sh Naemah Sy Aidid
Sh Shippak Sy Aidid
Sh Sheikha Sy Aidid
Sh Zahrah Sy Aidid
Sh Sakinah Sy Aidid
Sh Hasnah Sy Aidid
Sy Omar Sy Sahil
Sh Zahrah Sy Sahil
Syed Mohsin Syed Sahil *
Sh Sakinah Sy Sahil
Sh Alwiah SySahil
Dr Syed Mohamad Syed sahil
Sy Haizar Sy Sahil
Sh Azizah Sy Sahil
Sheikh Abdul Aziz
Siti Salamah
Sharul Nizam
Siti Wahidah
Syed Mohd
Sh Mahani
Syed Ali
Syed Mansor
Syed Yusuff
Syed Abdullah
Abu Bakar
Abdul Rashid (Bapak)
Che Bedah
Che Sekma

Level 5
Syed Hazman
Syed Muhammad Hilmi
Dr Syed Hasanul Hadi
Sharifah Muna Maisara
Syed Muhammad Husni
Syed Muhammad Harith
Syed Muhammad Hafizuddin
Mohd Sharif
Faridah (me) & Affandi
Muhd Farid
Muhd Amin

Level 6
Anak Syed Hazman
Anak Syed Muhammad Hilmi
Anak Dr Syed Hasanul Hadi (eg Lokmanul Hakim)
Anak Abang Sharif
Anak Faridah (Nuraishah, Muhammad, Ibrahim, Farah, Mira, Yus)

Anak Rabi
Anak Farid
Anak Amin
Anak Aminah

Level 7
Cucu Syed Hazman
Cucu Syed Muhammad Hilmi
Cucu Dr Syed Hasanul Hadi
Cucu Abang Sharif
Cucu Faridah
Cucu Rabi
Cucu Farid
Cucu Amin
Cucu Aminah

Level 8
Cicit Syed Hazman
Cicit Syed Muhammad Hilmi
Cicit Dr Syed Hasanul Hadi
Cicit Abang Sharif
Cicit Faridah
Cicit Rabi
Cicit Farid
Cicit Amin
Cicit Aminah

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