Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Maimun bt Mat (Nenek Mon)

Full name: Maimun bt Mat
Call name: Nenek Mon
Hometown/village: Umbai, Malacca

From me:
Nenek Mon had fair complexion. I had thought she was Chinese.

From Bapak:
Nenek Mon was from Umbai. She was a fair Malay, plump and good. Bapak loved her. She always reminded Mak to look after Bapak. She would say, "Tulip, jaga Rashid."

Nenek Mon married to Awang. They have 2 children:
  1. Che Gayah bt Awang
  2. Ismail (Pak Ma'il) bin Awang

Pak Ma'il married __.
Pak Ma'il's son is Abdul Rahman.

Abdul Rahman married __.
Abdul Rahman's son in Pak Abas.

Pak Abas married Mak Ainon (Umbai, Melaka).
Husband: Abas bin Abdul Rahman (Pak Abas)
Wife's full name: Ainon bt Mohd Yusope
Mak Ainon is Bapak's eldest sister (anak sulung Nenek Inchek)
Call name: Bapak called his sister Che Non. I called her Mak Ainon.
Born: Hari Ahad, Zohor, 10 pagi (Sunday, 10 am) 6 February 1921
Deceased: circa 1985.
Residence: Umbai, Melaka
Children: 6

  1. Abdul Rahman
  2. Mahmud
  3. Hawa
  4. Mariam (arwah)
  5. Zaleha
  6. Musa

There is additional information and a family tree in Geni.com:
Nenek Mon married twice:
1. Awang
2. Haji Abdul Rahman

Nenek Mon & Awang's daughters are:
1. Che Gayah
2. Embok Chik

Nenek Mon & Abdul Rahman's daughter is:
1. Asbah

Cik Gayah and Asbah are half-sisters.

Nenek Mon had 3 daughters by 2 husbands:

  1. Che Gayah bt Awang
  2. Embok Chik bt Awang
  3. Asbah bt Haji Abdul Rahman

Photos from Geni.com:

Maimon bt Mat @ Nenek Mon of Umbai, Melaka.
Tiga anak perempuan Nenek Mon

1. Cik Gayah bt Awang of Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
2. Embok Chik bt Awang
3. Asbah bt Haji Abdul Rahman

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