Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Bapak's Brothers

Bapak has 5 brothers:
1. Abu Bakar bin Mohd Yusope
2. Jaafar bin Mohd Yusope
3. Bapak
4. Baharuddin bin Mohd Yusope
5. Saleh bin Mohd Yusope
6. Idris bin Mohd Yusope

Abu Bakar (Pak Bakar) married and lived in Malaysia and Singapore. Divorced. Deceased. 2 children.

Jaafar (Pak Cik Pau) married twice and lived in Negeri Sembilan and KL. 2 children with first wife, Mak Cik Maznah. Divorced. Remarried. No children with second wife.

Baharuddin (Pak Din) married Mak Cik Fauziah and lived in KL. Both deceased. 2 children but son died. Surviving married daughter - Noraini (Noni).

Saleh (Pak Saleh) married Mak Cik Zahrah and lived in Sentul then Gombak. 3 married daughters - Norhafizah (Facebook), Nur Suhaila (Facebook) and Nurul Akmar (Facebook).

Idris died an infant.

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