Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Jaafar bin Mohd Yusope

Full name: Jaafar bin Mohd Yusope
Call name: I called him Pak Cik Pau. Nonie called him Pak Pau.
Deceased 2015

From Bapak:

Pak Cik Pau married 3 times:
1. Minah
2. Maznah
3. Fatimah

First marriage

Minah was a midwife/nurse at Masjid Tanah and was a relative of Tun Ghafar Baba. When Pak Cik Pau refused to marry Mak Cik Minah, dia hilangkan diri, cabut lari. Mak Cik Minah worked in Tampin, near Nenek Yah's place in Tampin. Later, people advised Pak Cik Pau to marry Mak Cik Minah and then divorce her if he didn't want Ghafar Baba and family to be involved and take action against him for refusing to marry Mak Cik Minah. He did so. He married Mak Cik Minah and then divorced her.

Second marriage

Then Pak Cik Pau married Mak Cik Maznah. Pak Cik Pau was hot tempered, and always scolded Mak Cik Maznah and their 2 kids. At last he divorced her. Mak Cik Maznah sold cakes in Selayang to support her 2 kids. She died from exhaustion.

Mak Cik Maznah's children are:
1. Mohd Suhaimi
2. Muslifah

Suhaimi married but has no children. Muslifah married but is divorced. Pak Cik Pau has no grandchildren.

Third marriage

Then Pak Cik Pau  married Mak Cik Fatimah. Her kids are all grown up. He has remained with Mak Cik Fatimah till now.

From me:
Pak Cik Pau is the most handsome of Bapak's brothers. Bapak is also handsome. Mak Cik Maznah was very kind and spoke softly. She cooked good dishes when we visited her at home.
Mak Cik Maznah became a single parent and supported her kids by selling cakes in Selayang. She always confided in Mak (I was in TKC then but heard from Mak). Mak helped her financially. She worked very hard, fell ill, and died. Mak became very sad when Mak Cik Maznah died.
Temper is something that runs in men. When syaitan invades humans, it can give rise to anger. The only way out of anger is to read Quran and avoid inheriting saka (evil spirits).

Pak Cik Pau passed away in 2015. I didn't get to see him. I met him when he came to our house in Minden Heights, Penang when Bapak died in March 2009. He was already unwell then.

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