Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Descendants of Abdul Rashid Makawi & Siti Seha

Abdul Rashid Makawi married Siti Seha. They have 2 children, Wan Teh and Siti Rahmah.

Wan Teh bin Abdul Rashid Makawi married Siti Rogayah Mohd Hussain Khaiyath. They have 2 children, Siti Kalsom and Mohd Salleh.

Siti Kalsom has 2 children, Sheikh Abdul Aziz and Siti Salamah.

Mohd Salleh has 3 children, Shahrul Nizam, Sabarina and Siti Wahidah.

Siti Rahmah bt Abdul Rashid Makawi married to Ami Aziz Al-Yamani.

Ami Aziz Al-Yamani's elder sister is Patma bt Sheikh Mohamad.

Patma Bee married to Mohd Sharif of Banda Hilir, Malacca. Their son is Mohd Yusope.

Mohd Yusope (Walid) is Bapak's father.

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